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Add Curb Appeal for About a Hundred Bucks

Curb Appeal is the attractiveness of a home when viewed from the street. And although that’s a valid definition, curb appeal is so much more than that!

Curb appeal is the message that your home sends to visitors and passersby. It’s an invitation to stop by and feel truly welcomed. Curb appeal is a window into your home, family, and lifestyle. And whether you are selling your home or not, great curb appeal is desirable for any property!

Check out these simple ideas for adding a little “oomph” to your curb appeal.


For a unique, lacy perennial garden, consider planting heirloom varieties such as lavender, moonflowers and Russian sage. These plants are easy to grow and add a welcoming “ease” to your landscape plan.


Window boxes add whimsy and charm to a home when overflowing with ivy, alyssum or other trailing plans. You can build your own (it’s surprisingly easy) or buy ready-made. Be sure to install properly with flashing to keep water safely at bay.


Add small, mounding, resilient plants to walkways for a dreamy approach to your front door! Impatiens, lobelia and marigolds are all great choices, depending on sunlight. LOVE YOUR LAWN

Lawns can use a little TLC. Aerate, fertilize and water expeditiously—we live in a drought prone area.


Does your mailbox need a little love? A coat of paint, new numbers and a stylish post can make a huge difference without breaking the bank.


Line the steps to your porch with pretty planters or flank both sides of your front doors with stunning planters for extra curb appeal. Consider the amount of sun that these pots will receive and plant accordingly.


Line your porch, garage or breezeway with hanging baskets. Use a combination of small upright plants and trailing varieties to create a stunning display. Because the amount of soil is small, remember to water regularly.

We are fortunate to live in an area with incredible conditions for growing beautiful gardens. It’s easy to take advantage of our climate in small ways and reap big curb appeal benefits.


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