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Are Home Prices Going to Continue to Rise?

We hear lots of questions about when home prices will decrease. Actually, the combination of increasing population and not enough existing houses is creating a long-term forecast of increasing home prices.

Granted, this year's frantic appreciation is abnormal, and we expect that pace of appreciation to moderate. However, home prices are expected to continue to appreciate through 2025. With interest rates expected to rise a bit, housing is more affordable today than it’s predicted to be in the coming years.

That said, if you are a buyer on the sidelines, it might be a great time to purchase a home in beautiful San Diego. As area experts, we would love to go to work for you to help you find your dream home. Check out some great homes that just hit the market!

Thinking of selling? Remember that the number one priority in timing is to make sure that it’s right for YOU. If you are considering a home sale in 2022, it’s a perfect time to strategize!

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