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Color Makes the World Go 'Round: Summer Trends 2022

It’s been over two years since the pandemic began and many of us are still working remotely at home in offices, kitchens or even on patios! As we navigate forward this year, perhaps it’s time to set aside some time to enhance our homes with some of the latest color trends. Sometimes a makeover can provide a needed boost of hope and optimism as we anticipate what lies ahead. THINK GREEN Green represents new beginning and a fresh start, so there’s no better color to enliven a summer decorating plan. Consider a green couch (or throw) or adding a jade vase to the dining room table. Consider other “green” options that bring nature indoors, such as houseplants. Creating a place to relax and restore is easier than you think. BRIGHT, HAPPY KITCHENS Neutrals reign supreme in the kitchen but it may be a good time to add a splash of vibrant, hopeful hues to the space. Experiment with paint on a wall or add pattern with wallpaper or fabric. A little color can go a long way!

BLACK ACCENTS COMPLETE THE PICTURE Black accents add a touch of sophistication and contrast to a design. How about adding a black pillow to a couch or painting a small side table black? Black photo frames are always chic. Looking for more great color ideas? Click here!

If you are planning to list your home and need some advice about color choices, give me a call and we can get the conversation started. 925.451.9904 In the meantime, feel free to check out my Seller Resource page, which is filled with great ideas for home improvement--whether you are planning a move or planning to stay forever!


Cay Bohnsack and Carly Ferry San Diego Realtors®

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