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Let me Introduce you to Bob. He's an Example of "My Why"

You've likely heard the popular buzzword that describes the reason why an individual chooses a particular profession or path. Frequently referred to as "The Why," it's become a common way to explain and to justify one's path, and one's choice.

As I reflect upon my "Why," it's actually pretty simple. Sure, I need a job just like anyone else. But why real estate?

It's the people. People like Bob, who describes the experience in his own words:

"There is no substitute for experience. Cay absolutely knows the local real estate market, but even more importantly, he can guide you through all the ins and outs of buying or selling a house. He knows the best strategies and approaches to take in each situation. If you're selling, he knows how to properly price your house, and how to negotiate to get the best deal possible. If you're buying, he knows the strategies that will maximize your chances of success, especially in this hyper-competitive market."

Those statement make me feel great! But his next comments really tug at my heartstrings.

"In addition to his expertise, Cay is extremely patient and kind. We hadn't sold a house in 30 years, but he always took the time to carefully explain every aspect of the sales process, and had no problem answering our many questions. He is a genuinely nice person, and a decent, pleasant human being. We have complete trust in Cay, and we hope to maintain a personal relationship with him long after the professional relationship is concluded. We totally, absolutely 100% would recommend Cay for your real estate needs."

In a world where kindness and human decency is sometimes hard to find, I'm so grateful to be THAT person and to help others in the process.

That's my "Why." People like Bob.

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