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Off-Market Magic: A Win for my Clients!

It may sound trite, but sometimes you have to create your own version of "Happily Ever After."

As a realtor, I'm always looking for ways to help my clients achieve their real estate dreams. However, In this extremely competitive market, one has to be resourceful and creative in finding these opportunities.

Using my network of professional connections, I was able to locate this seller and structured a deal between my buyers and the sellers and we opened escrow at $1,600,000. Everyone is satisfied. And for me, that's the only way to do business--a win – win for everyone involved!

If it's time to think outside the box for your next real estate transaction, give me a call. Working together, we can create your happily ever after, too. If you are interested in learning more, give me a call at 858.231.2451.


Cay Bohnsack and Carly Ferry San Diego Realtors®

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