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George R - Buyer

Thanks to Cay, we were able to purchase our home during the peak of the housing market.
As the bidding war was so insane, we were specifically looking for a good buyer's agent. Houses sell themselves these days, so it's easy for agents to get good reviews if they are representing sellers more than buyers.
Through reviews, we found out Cay helped a lot of buyers to purchase homes, and we are glad we went with him.

Although he was also surprised by the sudden competition that was pouring to the rural San Diego area, he helped us to place a strong and a smart offer, and our offer was accepted. We believe it wasn't an offer that can be suggested by an agent unless he/she had a lot of experience.
Also, we had a quite a difficult loan officer to work with, yet Cay was calm through the entire process and helped us go through it without panicking.
He also sent out handy men behalf of us so we can do minor fixes on our house before we can even move in.

He was professional, very easy to reach out to, and responded quickly. We'll recommend Cay to anyone who is looking to purchase in San Diego area.

Cay Bohnsack and Carly Ferry San Diego Realtors®

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