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Ride Above Disability (RAD) Has Great News--and You Can Help!

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We are pleased to be able to support RAD and we would like to give you the opportunity to support this wonderful organization, too.

RAD (Ride Against Disability) has received approval to update the arena footing and is initiating a campaign to raise funds for the arena upgrades as well as purchasing a ranch utility vehicle to assist in properly maintaining the arena.

What will this do for lessons and how will it affect the individuals who participate in this program? There are so many positives involved in updating the footing, here are a few.

1) Reduce dust by 75% or more if we can water it.

2) Reduce allergies and discomfort to instructors, volunteers, and riders since there will be less dust

3) Improve drainage, we should be able to resume lessons within 2 days after a heavy rain.

4) Decrease wear and tear on horses, instructors and volunteers’ bodies by adding appropriate arena footing.

5) We will have fewer cancellations due to a flooded arena or inability to exercise horses because of the improved drainage.

6) More stable lesson income for the program thanks to the arena drying faster.

7) More consistency for our riders with less time off.

What are we doing to the arena?

We will be professionally grading the arena to improve water run-off, directing it outside, instead of up the middle of the arena. There will be a compacted DG base put in to help with proper drainage and water absorption. On top of the DG we will be putting 2-3 inches of sand for cushion for all who walk in the arena and traction.

The cost for the grading, DG and sand is $14,700. We are hoping to raise an additional $8,000-$10,000 to purchase the ranch utility vehicle for arena maintenance.


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